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Yes, I’m alive!

If you check this photoblog with any regularity, you will have noticed that there have been no updates in… well, over 2 months. So much for daily photos! Initially this was simply because I had not done a lot of shooting. However, I had planned to start things up again by the end of January.

That was, until my laptop got stolen.

I had many photos from 2 weeks in New Zealand, and a weekend trip to Yosemite, which I had mostly edited and was preparing to upload. Talk about bad timing! Fortunately the unedited New Zealand photos were copied to another computer, but the Yosemite ones are all but lost forever. I will have to re-edit all the New Zealand photos and upload the choice ones to Scenic Squirrel. Look out for those in the coming weeks.

If you take pictures, learn from my mistakes. I do have 90% of my collection backed up online via Carbonite, but those are backed up from my desktop computer, while I did all of my editing on my laptop – copying originals across to my desktop once every few months. As it turned out, this was not sufficient. Back up often, and aggressively. I would also recommend installing something like Prey on all of your mobile devices. There is a completely free option available, and it might just save your ass. Again, I had this running on my desktop, but that doesn’t help much when your laptop gets taken!

We should be back to “scheduled programming” (i.e. sweet photos) in just a few weeks. Bear with me!


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